The Singing Trials

The Deep End. Definition: when you are out of your comfort zone and completely incompetent.    I've found myself swimming in murky waters more than once in my life because I enjoy agreeing to things but hate doing them. Here are some of the moments where I forgot my floaties after taking a plunge: Acting … Continue reading The Singing Trials

The Hiatus

Write a personal essay about your response to an ending, or endings, in your life that you consider significant. ( I sat down to write a practice essay for my English exam and this came out. My writing has been absolutely infected by the blog. I really should have just linked the url to my blog … Continue reading The Hiatus

The Non-religious Religious Retreat

I went on a retreat of my own volition. I know. I'm just very in touch with my spiritual side. Everybody says it, you don't need to point it out. In reality, there was a lot of white lies that got me trapped into doing this. The illusion pretty much melted as soon as I got … Continue reading The Non-religious Religious Retreat

The ‘Roche’ boy and how I looked like a paedophile

I had no idea that this sequel was going to happen. The ‘Wright’ girl and how I messed up was meant to be a one-off. A bittersweet tale. As per usual, the sequel had to pop up and wrap up a story that had already finished beautifully. Oh well. As a warning, this sequel follows the cliché … Continue reading The ‘Roche’ boy and how I looked like a paedophile

‘Father Nature’, crafty evolution and neglected brains

The Second Coming of the Human. You're already hooked, aren't you? Well, I wouldn't blame you. Who doesn't want to know what humans will be like when you're ... dead. Oh. Sorry. That's a sore spot. 'The Second Coming of the Human' seems like a grandiose title but it isn't what it looks like. This … Continue reading ‘Father Nature’, crafty evolution and neglected brains

Capitalism, human garbage and clingy spirits

I have created three IndieGogo campaigns in my lifetime. Three. No, I am not suffering from an illness. No, I haven't created a beautiful invention that seizes the means of production. Am I talented? Well, not exactly. So why? Ha, rhetorical question, bitch. Only I know the answer to this one. I take back the … Continue reading Capitalism, human garbage and clingy spirits

A sweaty handshake, the bear and true royalty

So, unfortunately, I've developed a case of severe writer's block mixed with laziness and procrastination. A deadly mix, if I do say so myself. If it's solved in a similar way to hiccups, I'll be fine. I'll just see if holding my breath throughout typing this does anything. Have some paramedics on standby, please. Anyway, … Continue reading A sweaty handshake, the bear and true royalty