‘Kick a Ginger’ Day, a wise boxer and guilt

So I guess it's the time of year to write a Valentine's day blog. What presents to buy your significant other, how to prepare for a date, what to dress up as [ any time of year is Halloween if you wish hard enough ]. You know what... NO! I'm not conforming to your social … Continue reading ‘Kick a Ginger’ Day, a wise boxer and guilt

The ‘Wright’ girl and how I messed up

I must say that these stories are going to become progressively more embarrassing as we exhaust the list of stories that I actually tell people. Today, I'm going to provide a treat and dust off an old story which I find incredibly awkward. And what is more awkward than a love story between a fifteen-year-old and … Continue reading The ‘Wright’ girl and how I messed up

Memes, Cringe and Lightening Mc Queen

Ok, ladies and gents! Since it seems like some of you are actually interested in what I have to say, I've decided to expand on my introduction  by telling you some random TRUE stories and see where it takes me. So, I'd say gather round the fire and let me tell you a tale or … Continue reading Memes, Cringe and Lightening Mc Queen


Howdy. Nice to meet you, buddy. I think a virtual handshake is in order. Excuse the sweaty hands. Just to put this to rest before it becomes a thing, I can spell sarcasm. I'll challenge you to use your brain and look at my name again. Well, it's a little early to be getting passive … Continue reading Introduction