Prime Movers

I used to dread questions about favourites. This anxiety came down to a spiral of overthinking. Or could it have been the fear of certain foods growing a grudge and trying to kill me for not putting them on a pedestal (open your eyes! choking?!). As a kid, you are forced to pick favourites a … Continue reading Prime Movers


Capitalism, human garbage and clingy spirits

I have created three IndieGogo campaigns in my lifetime. Three. No, I am not suffering from an illness. No, I haven't created a beautiful invention that seizes the means of production. Am I talented? Well, not exactly. So why? Ha, rhetorical question, bitch. Only I know the answer to this one. I take back the … Continue reading Capitalism, human garbage and clingy spirits

Blocky sirens, drug barons and sad moderators

Now that I have signed my soul away to the devil and become an active blogger [ from my own volition, may I add ]. I've just decided to do something nice and relaxed today while I listen to some mellow jazz. I swear I'm not fifty years old. What's wrong with liking some Brubeck? … Continue reading Blocky sirens, drug barons and sad moderators


Howdy. Nice to meet you, buddy. I think a virtual handshake is in order. Excuse the sweaty hands. Just to put this to rest before it becomes a thing, I can spell sarcasm. I'll challenge you to use your brain and look at my name again. Well, it's a little early to be getting passive … Continue reading Introduction